The Artist

Zana Briski is an Academy Award-winning director and artist who transports us to worlds unseen through photography, film and design.

Led by passion and intuition, Zana has travelled to 70 countries. She spent ten years on her project in the brothels of Calcutta where she photographed, filmed and taught photography to the children of prostitutes. Her film BORN INTO BROTHELS, won an Academy Award, an Emmy and 30 other awards. She founded KIDS WITH CAMERAS, a non-profit organization that strives to transform the lives of marginalized children through learning the art of photography.

Zana’s deepest love is the earth and her creatures. Her current project, REVERENCE is guided by a dream of a praying mantis. She has spent nine years photographing and filming insects in the wild, treating them not as scientific curiosities, but as individual sentient beings. Housed in a movable structure resembling the exquisite shape of a praying mantis eggpod, REVERENCE will transform the way we see and inspire us to find a more harmonious way to live on the earth.

Zana splits her time between New York City and camping alone in wild places.



REVERENCE FOUNDATION seeks to honor and reconnect us with the natural world, inspiring awe and wonder by revealing life on earth in new and profound ways.

Reverence Foundation supports individuals and organizations who champion animals and the environment through compassion, artistic expression, visionary education, respectful research and outstanding design.

Reverence Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit under U.S. tax code. EIN number 45-2454772.

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